Mission Accomplished at CP Federal City Square

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June 11, 2017
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Mission Accomplished at CP Federal City Square

In the heart of downtown Jackson stands a shining example of teamwork, community-oriented planning, and determination on behalf of the qualified technicians and skilled tradesmen of our community.

CP Federal City Square construction was completed this past May.  O’Harrow Construction Company lead the charge on the $583,000 project, as the structure is now the centerpiece of the new Horace Blackman Park, located on the corner of West Michigan Avenue & South Jackson Street.

Originally designed for the sole purpose of housing the grand 9ft by 28ft Glidden Parker Mural; through the planning & preparation process, the building evolved into a much more versatile space.  A 30-foot drop-down projection screen was added to the face and will be used for summer movie nights, an event authored by the Jackson Downtown Development Authority.  A display area for Ella Sharp Museum was attached to the northside of the structure (facing Pearl Street).  Amphitheater style seating was also included as the stage design grew to accommodate a performance from the entire Jackson Symphony Orchestra.

City Project Manager Pat Burch aptly describes the structure as a “multi-use performing arts and visual arts pavilion.”, in an article from mlive.  Also saying that the Glidden Parker Mural makes up about 40 percent of the projects focus now.  However, with increased function also comes increased complexity in the construction process.

Project Supervisor John Lueder told mlive, “This is the hardest job I’ve ever done”.  Fitting and assembling the 45-section mural inside the curved shaped structure posed its fair share of difficulties.  Assistance from Jackson Glass Works was given in transporting the 15-crate/1,800 pound load of glass needed in the process.  400 pounds of steel and 800 lights were also part of the assembly before finally being completed with HVAC and security systems, signage and trim.

A special thanks to all of our JCCA Members involved with the development of this project:

ABC Reproduction Co. | ABC Supply Company | Alro Steel Corporation | Applegate Heating and Air Conditioning | Braun’s Home Furnishings | Craft Agency | City of Jackson | General Materials | Great Lakes Gypsum | Jackson Glass Works | Johnson Sign Co. | Liberty Environmentalists, Inc. | Masonry By Design | Murray Painting | North-Ply Contracting | O’Harrow Construction Co. | Roberts & Associates, AIA | Shafer Redi Mix | Willbee Transit-Mix Company

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