2021-2022 Board Officers & Directors

  • Ryan Berridge, President
  • , Vice President
  • Doug Warren, Past President
  • Sean Palmer, Treasurer
  • Ted Christoff, Marketing
  • Dan Draper, Education & Scholarships
  • Mark Schissler, Sponsor Support
  • Mike Hirst, Director
  • Charlie Dunigan, Director
  • Chad Gore, Director
  • Owen Welsh, Director
  • Cory Winslow, Director
  • Inosencio Fisk, General Counsel
A great group of leaders, coming together to try to improve our businesses and community
All together, over the years this group has been responsible for generating millions of project dollars. And they're projects that improve the place we all live.
If you're trying to support and improve Jackson, at some point you have to discuss the support of our great local businesses and contractors. The JCCA is made up of some of the best in town.