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Work 161 W. Michigan Ave. 14th floor of Jackson City Hall Jackson MI 49201 Work Phone: 734-765-8124Website: www.jaxanchor.org
Categories: Economic Development
Work 8500 East Michigan Avenue Parma MI 49269 Work Phone: 517-750-3136Work Fax: 517-750-3191Website: jacksonsprinkler.com
Categories: Fire Alarms/Fire Supression
Work 134 W. Michigan Ave. Jackson MI 49201 Work Phone: 517-782-8221Website: jacksonchamber.org
Categories: Economic Development
Work 555 South Cooper Street Jackson MI 49201 Work Phone: 517-784-0557Work Fax: 517-784-1996Cell Phone: 270-562-0815Website: jacksonglassworks.com
Categories: auto glass, Glass, showers, storefront

Jackson Magazine

Contact: Maitlynn Mossolle
Home 515 West Avenue Jackson MI 49203 Work Phone: 5177832637Work Fax: 5177831288Website: jacksonmagazine.com
Categories: Advertising Services, Uncategorized
Home 2035 Brooklyn Road Jackson MI 49203 Work Phone: 5177647575Work Fax: 5177649695Website: coffeyplumbingllc.com
Categories: Plumbing

Jim Winter Buick

Buick, Cadillac, GMC vehiclesContact: Dan Sullivan
Work 3303 West Michigan Avenue Jackson MI 49202 Work Phone: 517-879-5632Work Phone: 517-787-5100Website: website
Categories: Auto Dealer, Trucks Commercial/Retail

Johnstone Supply

Contact: Sean Griffith
Work 903 Belden Jackson MI 49203 Work Phone: 517-998-3600Website: www.johnstonesupply.com
Categories: Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning/Sheet Metal
Work 740 West Michigan Avenue Jackson MI 49201 Work Phone: 517-748-1888Work Fax: 517-803-4965Website: jonesconstructionsolutions.com
Categories: General Contractor

JTV, Inc.

Contact: Bart Hawley
Work 152 West Michigan Avenue Jackson MI 49201 United StatesWork Phone: 5177878817Work Fax: 517-783-6036Website: JTV.TV
Categories: Advertising Services, Video Production, Website Design